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  • Where are MPN Plumbing & Heating based?
    Our offices and depot are in Clanfield, Oxfordshire (UK).
  • What areas do you cover?
    MPN Plumbing & Heating Services Limited cover a 40 mile radius from Clanfield
  • Do you install underfloor heating in bathrooms?
    We can install underfloor heating almost anywhere you wish it! Call us for a site visit and estimate for underfloor heating in any room of your home or all of them.
  • I want a green heating solution. Do you offer renewable energy solutions?
    Yes. We are involved in renewable energy systems. Many of our installations these days centre on heat exchange units such as air source heat pumps, for a more eco-friendly heating solution that doesn’t cost the earth. Call us today to assist you with any work
  • What are air source heat pumps?
    An air source heat pump (ASHP) extracts heat from the air in one location and transfers it to another. So, you can extract the heat from the air outside your home and use it to heat the inside of your home via your radiator-based system. Properly set up and balanced, an ASHP system can provide full central heating and domestic hot water for your whole home. Call us today to assist you with any work
  • So I guess ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground?
    You got it. Ground source pumps rely on a network of pipes laid either underground or under water. Again, give us a call for more details. Can I have air conditioning in my home? Yes, of course! With our climate becoming more variable, an air conditioning system for the home is becoming less of an occasional luxury and more a way of ensuring a constant indoor temperature and air circulation in any house. Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • Do you offer bathroom design?
    Yes, we very much enjoy helping customer design a new bathroom that meets their exact requirements. Our bathroom planners are experts at squeezing the features you and your family require into even the smallest of spaces. We enjoy the challenges too of designing bespoke bathroom features such as wet rooms and bathrooms in historic or non-standard buildings. Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • I've got a blocked drain. Can you help?
    If you have a blocked drain internally please call MPN Plumbing & Heating to arrange an engineers visit.
  • My central heating is really noisy. Can you help?
    Yes, we can. If you’ve got a noisy radiator, banging pipes or your boiler is making noise you just don’t recognise, call us. We’ll come and have a listen and diagnose the causes, and maybe even solve it in the same visit. We might also recommend a power flush to clean out noisy heating systems and help solve boiler kettling (so called because your boiler makes bubbling, hissing and general odd noises like a furred-up kettle). Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • I don’t see my question here! How can I raise other questions?
    Just call us and we’ll help if we can.
  • How do I turn the water off in my home?
    In most properties the stopcock (which turns off the water supply) is in the kitchen, under the sink. However, in some properties it might be in the hall or in a cupboard. To turn off the water supply, twist the tap or lever clockwise. You should make sure you know where your stopcock is located and that you can turn it on and off easily. You want to avoid having to search for it in an emergency, when there is water flooding your home!
  • What should I do if a pipe bursts?
    First of all, turn off your water supply to prevent further damage (see above for how to do this). If you think water may have gone into any sockets or the fuse box, turn off your electrical supply as well. Next, you need to drain water out. Run the cold taps until there is no water left and flush the toilet until the bowl is empty. Turn off your boiler and then do the same for your hot water supply. Make sure you mop up water as soon as possible to avoid mould. And don’t forget to document everything for insurance purposes. Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • How can I prevent frozen pipes?
    Frozen pipes can be a huge headache – there’s nothing worse than returning home to find you have no water or heating. Or even worse that your pipes have burst. The good news is that there are a number of preventative steps you can take. Insulate pipes or tanks, particularly those that are in cold spaces like lofts or basements. When you go away, leave you’re heating on low so there is hot water circulating in the system. And make sure to service your boiler regularly. Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • What should I do if I have frozen pipes?
    If your pipes are frozen and you can access the affected area, there are a number of things you can do. First, turn off the water supply to your property. Then, wrap pipes in towels soaked in hot water or apply a hot water bottle, starting at the end nearest the tap. You can also use a hairdryer at its lowest setting. Don’t use a blowtorch as this can damage the pipes. Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • Why are some of my radiators hotter than others?
    If some of your radiators are hotter or colder than others, then it could mean that your heating system is unbalanced. To fix it, you need to restrict the flow of hot water to the warmer radiators by turning the valve at the bottom. This will allow a greater flow of hot water to the other, colder radiators. You may need to adjust this a number of times to fix the problem. If you find that you still have a problem, there could be a fault with one of the valves or the pump. Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • Why is one of my radiators not heating the room properly?
    It could be that it is not working properly (see above). However, it might also be that the radiator is too small for the space it needs to heat. Call us today to assist you with any work.
  • Can I turn the radiators off in rooms that we don’t use?
    We wouldn’t recommend this as it can cause condensation. However, to save energy and money, you can turn the temperature down to a lower setting.
  • What is a power flush and why should I get one?
    A power flush removes the build-up of debris and sludge from your central heating system using a chemical solution. A power flush makes the system run more efficiently. This can result in lower energy bills, less noise and hotter water and radiators. It can also help extend the life of your heating system. Call us today to assist you with any work.
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